Wishlist :)

  • YARN!!! i’ve recently gotten into crocheting and i think i love it. the thing is, yarn is SO hard to find here in morocco. they have the super fine thread things that you can use to crochet but they’re so fine, they take forever and they’re not that warm. so please send me some yarn! also, if i can impose a little more, please send 2 bundles of each colors because one roll usually isn’t enough to make anything.
  • dry erase markers…my dar chebab has recently started using whiteboards so i obviously have to start using dry erase markers and they are pricey! also, they don’t last very long. i go through one every week!
  • kimchee :)– can you tell i miss asian cooking?
  • mushrooms! the freeze-dried ones. you can’t find mushrooms that are not in a can here.
  • noods of any variety
  • green tea
  • milk tea
  • trader joes bbq sauce
  • pictures, letters, post cards, anything from you guys. my walls are so bare and i’m lonely. so send me something i can put up and look at once in a while 🙂

Shipping Tips:

  • USPS is the best way to go price-wise and shipping time is shorter; apparently Flat Rate boxes are somehow less likely to be opened as well.
  • When filling out customs form, make sure you don’t put the value of the items as more than $60…just say it’s used clothing and feminine products. No one will wanna open that box!
  • A couple of tips to deter post office workers from going through the package: put the contents in a plastic bag and tape it so that at least they’ll think twice about opening it and taking anything and include a list of items in the package so I can check if anything is missing
  • Here is a helpful website to calculate postage before you send the package: http://ircalc.usps.com/Default.aspx?country=10291&m=13&p=0&o=1&mt=12

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