Summer of 2009: the thought of applying creeps back up in my head…like for serious.

…lots of thinking, soul searching, sent some emails to people I know who have been in the peace corps and are currently serving to get their perspective.

March 23, 2010: I submit my application (see, LOTS of thinking)

April 7, 2010: I get my interview

…i get told to volunteer for 6 mos at an at-risk youth organization, gain experience, yaddi yaddi yadda. this is where StandUp for Kids comes into my life. ah, good times 🙂

January 10, 2011: I officially get nominated with a June 2011 departure in Eastern Europe for a Community Youth Development.

…I get told I need 3 mos or 30 hours more experience in teaching in a classroom setting so I volunteer for AVIVA group for girls. I taught them how to care for themselves, proper nutrition, healthy living, exercise…you know. (Those who can’t do, teach, right? haha)

January 18, 2011: Medical/Dental/Vision Packet sent out to me from the Peace Corps office.

January 21, 2011: I received the packet

January 26, 2011: Medical/Vision appts. set

January 31, 2011: Dental appt.

…maybe 4-5 doctors appointments, eye doctor appts., 7 blood tests, a lot of pleading w/ my docs to please, please fill out this stack of paperwork correctly…

Feb 7, 2011: Medical packet complete and sent off to the Peace Corps

Feb 18, 2011: Packet received by Peace Corps

March 7, 2011: Got a call from the Peace Corps Health Office…something about needing more tests. Minor set back but she tells me that placement is very interested in me and that they are looking at my file 🙂

…more doctor appts. more sucking up to get an earlier appointment than what was originally given to me and begging that they fill out even more paperwork and ask that they write MORE letters for the Peace Corps

***I’m not exactly sure but I think sometime around here I get Legally cleared.

June 6, 2011: Officially Medically Cleared!!

June 8, 2011: Get an email from Peace Corps Placement Office asking for an updated resume w/ a detailed description of all my volunteer work, etc. Also, because my professor didn’t give a complete evaluation last year when I submitted my application, they want another reference from me (Thank you, Elizabeth!)

June 20, 2011: Preliminary review is done. Peace Corps Community Youth Development assistant has informed me that she has passed my file along to my Placement Specialist. Eeekkk!!!

July 28, 2011: Finally got an email from my Placement Specialist. I didn’t get the “stock email” about the budget cuts, yaddi yaddi yadda but I got the jist of it from his email. I also got a list of questions asking me stuff like changes in my legal and medical status or my romantic involvement, or the earliest date I’m available for departure (uumm….YESTERDAY!), etc. Anyhow, my final interview is scheduled for August 2, 2011 at 1:30 PM EST! How exciting!!

August 2, 2011: Final Interview. 40 mins long and not as bad as I thought it would be. He asked me to give him 3 weeks as he is looking for placement for me.

August 3, 2011: Invited!!! (Via email). Here’s what he could tell me: North Africa, Mid-March 2012, Youth Developer. Now I wait for the official packet in the mail for 5-10 days to find out the official country 😀

August 10, 2011: Packet arrived! It’s Morocco as a Youth Developer leaving March 19, 2012. YAY!!!

August 12, 2011: Sent my acceptance last night and my place in the program was confirmed today.


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