Packing List


  • Long-sleeve Shirts (5)
  • T-shirts (15)
  • Shuma Shirts (7)- included sleeveless shirts; basically any shirt that cannot be worn in public
  • Misc. Shirts (16)- shirts that just didn’t fall under any of the first three categories; included are button down shirts, flannels, jean shirts etc.
  • Knee-length Skirts (2)
  • Floor-length Skirts (4)
  • Hammer Pants (3)
  • Jeans (3)- one blue (nice) jeans, one black (favorite) jeans, and one grey (crappy/rugged) jeans
  • Jorts (1)- jean shorts…I’m from LA, I need one in my life, always
  • Jammies (2)
  • Jammie Shorts (4)- worn only once you are in the privacy of your very own home.
  • Sweat Pants (2)- one long, one capri
  • Zip-up Sweat Shirts (2)
  • Pull-over Sweat Shirts (2)
  • Dressy Black Sweater (1)
  • Knitted Sweater (1)- absolute favorite from home, super comfy…had to have it
  • Cardigan/Cover-up Variety (11)- this includes anything from legit sweater type cardigans to thin, long-sleeve shirts to be used as cover-ups
  • Under Shirts/Tank Tops (15)- to wear underneath questionable shirts to make them less questionable, to wear at home, layering when it’s cold, etc.
  • Bathing Suit (1)- ’twas a 2 piece…I didn’t own any other kind. I figure I can always just wear a shirt over it if needed.


  • Underwear (30)- I know…
  • Bras (5)
  • Slips (2)- in case things are see-thru
  • Socks (24)- pairs, I know…also they’re mostly ankle-length so they pack nicely. they don’t look like
  • Legging Variety (6)


  • Running Shoes (1)
  • Chucks (1)
  • Tall Leather Boots (1)
  • TOMS (1)
  • Reef Flip-flops (1)- usually Reef is a good brand but mine broke after about 3 mos in country, had to buy cheap ones to replace them.
  • Sandals (3)- two anytime use, and one fancy gold ones for going out

Misc. Items:

  • Pillow Case (2)
  • Regular, Fluffy Towel (1)
  • Regular Face Towel (2)
  • Travel Towel (2)- One large, one small
  • Scarves (5)- two silk, the rest are regular scarves


  • Full-size Pantene Shampoo (1)
  • Full-size Pantene Conditioner (1)
  • Lotion (2)- Vaseline and Victoria’s Secret, smelly kind
  • Body Wash (3)- they have body washes in Morocco and these particular ones are not anything super special but they smell like Gummy Bears and happiness all rolled into one bottle.
  • Toothpaste (3)- one giant tube, and two smaller tubes
  • Razors (12)
  • Liquid Hand Soap (1)- for the home
  • Antibacterial Soap (1)- big bottle
  • Mouthwash (1)

Kitchen Things:

  • Knife (1)- I read somewhere before coming here that good knives are hard to find around here…not true
  • Tupperware (4)- Same thing w/ the knives, they definitely have tupperware here. Plastic ware is very abundant in Morocco at a very reasonable price
  • Siracha (1)- this was definitely a  money decision
  • Airheads (2)- packs
  • Fruit Roll-ups (1)- pack
  • Ziploc Bags (2 large packs)- one pack sandwich size, the other large


  • Flashlight (1)
  • Rechargable Batteries (6)- four AA, and two AAA
  • Headlamp (1)
  • Book Light (1)
  • iPod Nano (1)
  • Laptop (1)- 17 inch Lenovo…I figure, I won’t have a TV
  • Kindle (1)
  • Converter (1)- I really wish I brought more…bring at least two more.
  • Camera (1)- just a regular Canon point and shoot
  • External Hardrive (1 TB)- it’s the kind you have to plug into the wall. If you can, get the portable one.
  • Thumb Drives (2-3)- they were only 2 GB but very useful…bring a bunch

Remember to bring whatever it is you think you’ll want/need in the next 2 years. You can’t put a price on comfort and happiness. But do keep in mind that you can get most toiletries here unless they are super special, exclusive brand. I would suggest to just bring enough to last you three months, just until you reach your final sites and you have more freedom to shop and go out to buy things. Also, bring whatever you want but do keep in mind that when you leave Philly and you’re at the airport, you are completely on your own carrying your luggage…make sure you can carry everything on your own unless you’re super stealth and can grab a cart like some people we know. Also, as far as host family gifts are concerned, I didn’t worry too much about it. You can buy gifts here. 


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