Contact Information


Skype: NathFlo1121

Cell Phone#: 011-212-066-263-3524 (if you’re dialing from the US)

Mailing Address:   Nathalie Flores
                                           BP: 2887
                                           Avenue II Angle
                                           Mohammad V Fes Dar Dbibagh
                                           Fes, Morocco 30013

3 thoughts on “Contact Information

  1. Sue Levitt says:

    Nat: so you are in Morocco, good for you. Your arabic sounds fabulous. No wonder I could not pronounce all the words, there were letters I never even saw. Oh well, you can teach me when you return. hahahaha.

    I love your blog, sorry about the Ice Cream, it won’t travel very well, nor will the pizza or sushi.
    Especially the sushi. Have fun, enjoy and I know you’ll make a tremendous difference in the lives of many of these kids. Sue Levitt SPY

    • Nathalie says:

      Sue! I am learning Darija shwiya b shwiya but it’s so hard! Hopefully I will at least be conversational by the end of my training. And I guess I can just continue to dream about food for now until I can either make it out of the country or they make ice cream and sushi that will stay good for days. haha…Miss you!

  2. Myriam says:

    Hi Natalie, you are doing great out there. I love your pictures, we miss you here at CARD. all is well here. you take care and keep posting pictures:)

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