i’m still here, ted!

hi! it would seem as though i’ve completely neglected this blog but nope! i am still around. i guess now that i’m a second year/senior stajj volunteer (5 months to go! eeeee!!!), the novelty of it all has sort of gone away. everything now feels normal, regular, and dare i say, mundane. just the other day i sat in a cab that was parked at a gas station, as the driver filled up his tank and chit chatted away with the attendant and then proceeded to go drop off some groceries at his house, meter on and everything and it wasn’t until i got to my destination that i said to myself “hhmm…………………………………………oh well.” when normally i would be totally irritated by it. also, twice in one day i was mistaken as a local by two moroccan women at the fes mall. one wondered what time the stores open and asked if i worked there, and the other at the carrefour, came up to me and asked me where the raib (some pink yogurt drink) was like it was nothing. there were other people around but they came up to me! not gonna lie, that kind of made me feel good. actually, it’s not until i saw other people’s reaction to my life in morocco that i realize how weird and different it really is over here (oh yeah, my mom and aunt came to visit!). ANYWAY, all that to say that i’m still here, alive and well and that i’ve got a few updates to share with you:


work has been pretty smooth sailing lately. right now i am teaching an art class and an english class once a week (possibly soon to be twice a week) at the dar chabab. i’m also doing an aerobics class twice a week at the women’s center with just the kiddos this time. and i’ve finally been able to start the iyf life skills program at the girls’ center. come january, i hope to be doing it at the boys’ shelter also! ya!


well i am still crocheting up a storm. anything you see me wearing in pictures that look like it’s made out of yarn, i made.  i know. lately i’ve gotten into crocheting cat outfits…here are my latest creations. they were christmas presents to my closest cat friends:

image (2)

mittens is doing well. i’m doing my research now on what the process is for me to take her home. so far every volunteer i’ve talked to with experience in taking their cats home have told me that mitts has to be under 1o lbs., which means she has 5 months to lose about 3 lbs. i think we can do it! i just can’t bare the thought of leaving her behind now that we’ve reached a better understanding of each other. you know? yeah she loves me.

image (12)

so on my walk to the post office one day, i happened upon this special winter apparel hanut. they mostly sell men’s wear but outside they have these magical bins that hold really awesome souk sweaters (probably also for men but whatevs, i do what i want). what are souk sweaters you ask? well they are used grandpa sweaters that are probably from the 80’s (if not older) with the most interesting, colorful designs and patterns. anyway, they are 20 dirhams each (roughly $2.25) and i love them. they keep me warm and strangely really comforting. here is my collection of souk sweaters (so far):

image (11)

so christmas is upon us (4 days! eeek!!) and you would think it would be easier being away from home the 2nd time around but nope! i get unbelievably homesick and sad sometimes. the feeling comes in waves, and they usually go away after a bit. while riding on a sad wave the other day, i actually tried to do some retail therapy at the mall and realized that even in morocco, there is absolutely nothing else that i could possibly want. i feel like i have everything! i’m happy with my cat and my souk sweaters. haha. here’s to the last few days of 2013. i’m looking forward to the home stretch of my service and being home next holiday season. 


4 thoughts on “i’m still here, ted!

  1. Alison hurst says:

    Miss you , can’t wait to see you in 2014!

  2. Hi good aftarnon how are you good work for you

  3. asquarray brahim says:

    Hi good aftarno you spék englich

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