It’s that time of year…Eid Mabruk!

Last year, I celebrated L-3id with my host family up in Hakamaa. My host mom knocked on my door in the morning holding two skewers loaded with liver that was wrapped in fat then grilled on the “grill” (it’s not really a grill. It’s more like a clay pot with coals); mmmm….breakfast 🙂 Then she told me to grab my camera and to join them next door where I found two giant sheep carcasses hanging from the ceiling. My host brother and host nephew were elbow deep in one of the dead sheep’s bod, extracting it’s intestines and other stomach materials, which  they then handed off to my host mom to clean out. and that, that was somethin’ else. I left their house that afternoon with an entire leg of a sheep. that thing filled up my tiny little freezer and lasted me until Christmas. In fact, my sister was even able to partake of it when she came to visit me.

This year, the celebrations are a little different. There is no host family, and no sheep slaughtering. This time I am spending it with other Peace Corps volunteers and friends around Fes. Actually the celebrations began last night: a friend had this idea to have a group of people, doesn’t matter what raise or religion, walk around Fes wishing strangers a Happy Eid. The idea is that although Eid Al Adha is a Muslim holiday, it’s something everyone can be a part of. Just like we do for Christmas, people here can also get so caught up in the celebrations and can sometimes also lose sight of what the true meaning is of the holiday is. Simply put, the purpose of last night’s activity was just to wish everyone a Happy Eid and share smiles with complete strangers because, why not? I have to say, I felt a little out of place at first because well, I’m American and I’m a Christian but in the spirit of friendship and one love, I figured this would be a good way to celebrate Eid for me this year. Last night, someone told me that I was welcome in Morocco and that this is now my second country (but technically it’s more like my 3rd since I was born in the Philippines, but whatevs) and that felt really good so I call last night a win!

Here are the notes and signs I made 🙂

image (6)

image (9)


image (7)


And of course Mittens has to join in on the action…


image (8)




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