mastering the art of gls-ing

to “gls” is to sit down, literally. but i associate it more with doing nothing; something i find myself doing plenty of from time to time here in morocco. back in the states i usually never have more than 5 minutes where i’m literally not doing anything. every moment is occupied with something…i don’t really even know what, but there was always something to do.  so you can imagine how much of a challenge it was in the beginning to deal with the very loooooooooong waits (for people, for meetings to begin/end, for grand taxis to fill up, etc) and loooooooooong bus/train rides. i’ve learned to never leave home without my ipod AND my kindle, just in case one poops out on me. i make sure my phone is always charged and ready to go in case i get bored and i need to call people to chat. and i also never forget to bring a snack (this has nothing to do with coping with having nothing to do. snacks are just a must in life).

overtime, i’ve realized that i don’t actually need my ipod, kindle, or my phone because pure and unadulterated gls-ing in of itself has many benefits. for one, people watching is a thing. one time, i saw a man in a dress! that is not something you see everyday in morocco. gls-ing  also allows you to be one/present with the people around you. you learn to make conversation and make friends. sometimes when you talk to people on the train/bus they usually will share their snack with you 🙂 if you you happen to gls with friends well then sit down and have a conversation! there is plenty to talk about.  lastly, gls-ing allows you to get lost in your thoughts and sort through whatever is going on in your head; there is a lot to be said with a little introspection and this in particular will usually kill a so much time for me. next thing i know, a few hours have passed and the waiting is over!

there is a reason why people say patience is a virtue. it’s hard to be patient. it’s especially hard when it’s hot/cold out, when you’re hungry, or when you’re tired. but it’s important to remember to chiiiilll…it’s not the end of the world to have to wait; you don’t have to always be doing something. sometimes you just need to gls and let everything sink in. say it with me, “wooooooooossssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaa” 🙂




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