(a little more than) halfway there

so a few days ago, myself and other members of my stajj (2012-2014) celebrated our one year anniversary of our swearing-in ceremony. 5/23/2012 marked the day we became official peace corps volunteers, which doesn’t sound like much but it meant we survived CBT (community based training) aka boot camp, and had learned enough language to be set out to our various corners of the country to begin our service. up until that point, we were called PCTs (peace corps trainees…i know. we had to earn the title!). anyhow, it wasn’t like i was counting down to the day or anything, in fact i didn’t really think of it until i was able to get onto facebook a couple of days ago and see all the celebratory posts from people. but now that i have a moment to think about it, it’s kind of cool that now when people ask me when i’m coming home, i can say “i’ll be home in may”. if you count the exact number of days, it seems like it’s a lot but it’s really not. i mean this past year has gone by SO fast! so in honor of this anniversary, here’s a picture of myself and a couple of good friends of mine from our swearing-in ceremony. coincidentally, we were all in rabat this year to celebrate and we went to see rihanna for free courtesy of the king and the government too, i guess.  it’s actually part of a whole concert series called mawazine that has had quite a few famous artists in it in the past but this year, they are featuring arab artists (as per usual) amongst the more mainstream ones like mika, jessie jay, the jackson 5, cee lo, david guetta, etc. etc. (side note: i’m also gonna see david guetta 🙂 essentially, the purpose of mawazine is to promote morocco as an open and tolerant nation. but anyway, here we are at swearing-in:IMG_1044

and just because i haven’t been in rabat without witnessing some sort of protest, here’s a picture of one we witnessed while we were there last week: (not entirely sure of what they’re protesting this time but i have a feeling it has something to do with them wanting more jobs)



One thought on “(a little more than) halfway there

  1. Myriam says:

    Are you ready to come back to U.S.A? I bet you have experienced a a lot of different things, I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Hope you have a fun and safe trip back home:)

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