a reintroduction to real life


a snapshot of my morning: surfing the internet and waiting for stuff to load, sipping some deeerrricious coffee given to us by a KOICA volunteer we had lunch with a couple of weeks back, and enjoying some homemade carrot cake made by my roommate. 

now if you are reading this back home you might not think any of this is anything special but let me explain.

saying that life in fes is different than my life in hakamaa is a huge understatement. first of all, “…waiting for stuff to load” on the internet doesn’t mean a full 24-36 hour wait anymore. here it means 5-10 minutes tops (of course depending on what you’re waiting on). coffee is no big deal but this is coffee from korea! given to us by a friend we HAD LUNCH WITH! and the “us/we” i keep referring to is me and my ROOMMATE! a human one! who baked a carrot cake BECAUSE WE HAVE AN OVEN! i mean i probably sound so crazy to some of you and honestly, i probably did lose a little bit of my mind being so isolated back in hakamaa but the good news is that i’m slowly regaining some of it back. haha… but really, fes is giving me some semblance of what life used to be like for me where i got to HANG OUT with people and have fun, meet new friends and share stories, etc. the other night, i had sushi for dinner. i mean, WHAT! oh and last week WE WENT OUT TO BRUNCH! i kept blinking and shaking my head every 5 mins thinking, “noooo please don’t let me wake up from this amazing dream!”. i was drinking freshly squeezed orange and peach juice, eating smoked trout and broccoli amongst other things (i haven’t had broccoli in over a year), in a garden covered by white canopies, surrounded by flowers and little butterflies floating about. they even provided people with cute little straw hats in case the sun gets in your eyes. OH! and there was a man sitting in the corner playing a sweet, sweet song with his guitar!! unbelievable. anyway,  i think you get the picture.

so what else is new? i am now a bona fide aerobics teacher extraordinaire 🙂 yes, friends you read that right. once a week i teach an aerobics/exercise class of about 25 people at the women’s center here in fes. i’m not exactly sure how this happened. but i said “challenge accepted!” and now here i am! let’s just say i lost a little bit of sleep the night before i made my big debut but i pulled through! i was hurting in places i didn’t think could hurt! and then i had to climb 9 flights of stairs afterwards to get home (that’s right, we don’t have an elevator in our building!). this week will be my 3rd week with the class and i have to say that it is getting better and easier as i go. the women in the class are all so sweet so it makes it all easier. i even got my first couscous lunch invitation after class last week! (i frickin’ love couscous). in addition to my exercise class i’m also teaching at the dar chebab (youth center) 3 times a week. right now the school year is ending so starting anything big is kind of pointless. instead, i’m taking the time to get to know my surroundings and the people around me, hoping to eventually find my niche.

i’ve been in fes for 3 weeks now and there is a ton more things to see and explore. i have a feeling this next year is going to breeze by! oh by the way, this is karina. she is actually a boy but my roommate initially thought she was a girl and proceeded to give her a girl name. she doesn’t mind it though:


oh! also, i’ve updated my contact list with my new mailing address 🙂


One thought on “a reintroduction to real life

  1. J. J. Nelson says:

    haha! Karina–it’s like Kevin in UP–that has babies! Love you pal–i’m glad you have some nice perks in your new place! I enjoy reading your posts, as always:)


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