brighter days ahead

springtime is here!!! i ran into these guys on my way to work:


the sun is finally out! now i can put away my rain boots 🙂


and it’s green everywhere in hakamaa!


we just finished spring  camp and all things considered, i believe it went rather well! here are the highlights:

…i think my favorite day was when i taught them colors then i had them play with water balloons afterwards. i basically divided the kids into two teams. i called out colors and then one person from each team would run to the bucket and grab as many water balloons in that color to be used later as “ammunition” and then in the end of it they had a water balloon war. it was gooooood times. i LOVE water balloons. they were one of the few things i brought with me from the states along with fruit roll-ups and airheads.


…this next series of pictures i call the “tsawerni series” because it’s made up of pictures of the kids i took on the day i was walking around with my camera and all i heard all day was “nathalie! nathalie! tsawerni! tsawerni!” (tsawerni=take a picture of me). and here i thought they were shy. haha…


…my 2nd most favorite day was art day. i was trying to practice sustainability by skipping the paper and painting their faces instead. haha…as you can see, most of them liked it so much they would go wash their faces and come back for another nathalie original design. haha…


…this next one was kinda strange but one of the cooler moments of camp. one day my mudir asked me to take a walk with him and another man who was visiting us from one of the associations in tangier. so i said “sure” and the next thing i know i find myself in the middle of this meadow that’s covered in wild flowers with two grown men in their 50’s picking flowers and cheerfully singing songs amongst themselves like two little girls. haha. at one point they each did a “she loves me, she loves me not”. turns out this is what my mudir planned on doing with the flowers: props for a photo opp!


…and my third most favorite day was friday couscous day!! i LOVE couscous but i’ve only made it once myself because it literally takes HOURS to prepare and it just seems a little ridiculous to do for one person. anyway, this also shows you how they plate their couscous. the placement of each veggie and then finally the meat in the middle is all premeditated resulting in one super deeeerrrricious meal!hakamaa5

and since i haven’t shared a cute photo of mittens lately, here she is sleeping in my arms ^__^



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