the little things.



things are still quite slow at site. the kids are back in school and all but for some reason they haven’t been very motivated to come to english class. i hate to think it’s me but then again a part of me thinks it’s not. i mean we had fun in my classes; some days i literally made it rain candy. i really can’t figure out why attendance is literally nonexistent. i have a few projects a-brewing in my head at the moment…if they don’t want to learn english then they are going to at least learn some american culture. i’m thinking a dance/exercise class and art club is in order. mind you i’ve never even stepped foot in a gym before let alone attended a real dance/exercise class but there are plenty of exercise videos circulating amongst Peace Corps volunteers that i’m pretty confident i can learn some moves from them and then teach them to my girls– no boys for obvious reasons. i’m thinking i’ll start with some hip hop abs…yeah that’ll be good.

because productivity is low, morale has also been low. the weather sucked and so motivation suffered. basically everything blew. but alas, the sun has come out. and my laundry is now only taking 2 days to dry instead of a full week.–by the way, doing laundry by hand in 30-40 degree temperatures without a water heater SUCKS! i can literally see steam rising up from my hands because the water is so frigid…anyhow…i titled this blog “the little things” because those are pretty much the only things that is keeping me afloat right now.  living alone in this strange place, it’s easy to feel sorry for myself but i’ve realized that there are plenty of people here who look out for me. last week, the taxi man kicked a guy out of an already full taxi just so that i can have a seat and i won’t have to wait for another one to come. the guy gave up his seat pretty willingly, which i thought was pretty generous. yesterday my host parents worked together to unclog my toilet then proceeded to clean my doorway and the area surrounding the entrance to my house as i stood there and watched because i wasn’t quite sure of what was happening. today, a group of little girls chased me down the street to first give me kisses (of course) and then some candies. mind you these kids families’ can’t afford much and for them to share their candies…it gets me right here <3. now if that’s not love then i don’t know what is…by the way, the kisses are always abundant. if i get stuck somewhere where there’s a group of women or girls, i can’t get away without each one of them giving me kisses. i’ve had a line going once or twice before! there is seriously something to be said about human touch. i can’t even explain it. i used to cringe at the thought of hugging people who are unfamiliar to me let alone letting them kiss my cheek but now i’m like “bring it!”



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