Summer Wrap-Up

so it is literally like someone had flipped the switch on the seasons because just like that, i woke up and summer is long gone and fall is suddenly upon us. the weather has been quite gloomy, it’s been rainy, and the temperature is significantly cooler. i got home after being away for a month to find that the dried out stream i used to walk across everyday is now slowly filling up with water. now my problem is how am i gonna get across it when it’s completely filled-up?! i hope it doesn’t increase the distance i have to walk too much. i need galoshes.

anyhow, where did i leave off with my summer??? oh yes, fes. after fes i headed back to el jadida where it literally felt like a two-week vacation. i was there with two other volunteers. they put us up in a rather nice apartment within the sos village that was about a ten minute walk to the beach if even that. not only just that but the we were located just behind the carrefour, which is a pretty big grocery store that had literally everything (remember i have two corner stores and a vegetable stand at my site so this is pretty exciting for me). because it was the end of the summer, the mudir decided to have us do other activities that didn’t necessarily involve working with kids, which at the time was kind of disappointing but the task just happened to be super chill and sometimes kinda fun…aaand i’ll leave it at that. haha. otherwise, most of my days in el jadida looked like this:

i ate two tubs of peanut butter  in two weeks.

right after el jadida we all headed to marrakech for our week long in-service training (IST). much to our surprise, we find that the peace corps had chosen a place where not only did they have an air conditioning unit in every bungalow, but the training center actually had a pretty awesome pool!

throughout the week we learned about lesson planning, curriculum building, got some ideas and pointers for future projects from older volunteers, learned how to apply/write grants, and how to deal with mudirs, etc. etc. but what’s more than that was the fact that all 102 of us were able to get together for one last time (until we leave morocco) and celebrate our 6th month anniversary in country. in some ways it was very much like the senior year of high school- heck, a lot of the peace corps actually reminds me of high school. but anyway, during IST we had a prom night where we all dressed up (as best as we all could provided the kind of wardrobe we had with us) and got cheese and soda wasted.  oh and thanks to an always picture-ready volunteer, we also managed to take a “class photo”. can you find me??

so with that, my summer officially ended. IST was supposed to give us ideas and motivate us to start making changes and be productive so we will see where that actually takes me. bye, bye summer 😦

oh and by the way, i also got my very first care package from home!! it was actually sent to me in may but then it was returned to my friend because i wasn’t here to receive it and she was nice enough to resend it back to me. yay!!


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