a new found love


this post isn’t really about anything of importance except i’ve recently found a new love in the form of peanut butter. i never really cared much about peanut butter back in america along with gummy bears and doritos…i have love for the latter two but but peanut butter is different. i ate one “smallish” jar of peanut butter in 5 days. it looked like a regular sized jar to me so i don’t know if my friends were just trying to make me feel better or what but they insist that this is indeed smaller than a jar of jiffy. not really sure. anyway, back to the peanut butter…so obviously when i ran out i went out and got another jar but much to my dismay, when i got home to take a little scoop out i saw that someone had already opened the jar and taken a finger to it (who frickin’ does that?!). normally, for fear of contracting some sort of incurable disease from some stranger’s grubby little hands, i would just throw the whole thing out. but it would’ve been such a shame to waste a whole jar of peanut butter just like that. so, i tried to scrape off the contaminated part and proceeded with enjoying my peanut butter. i’m happy to report that 24 hours later, i’m still standing…eerm, or laying. in any case, i just wanted to say that i now love peanut butter.


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