where there’s a will, there’s a way

my love for sushi (or soosh as i like to call it) has been no big secret to anyone who knows me and going 5 months without it was just well…plain crazy. i finally had it last week for the first time ever since leaving america and let me tell ya, it was totally worth spending a good chunk of my monthly salary for. so good!

i wish i could say i felt bad spending that much money on one meal but i really don’t. the benefits of this meal is three-fold: it filled my stomach because i was hungry, for mental health reasons, and well honey badger don’t care. haha…

anyway, camp was not as big as we all thought it would be. there was a total of about 6-7 volunteers at one time and no more than 30 kids each day. still, it was great practice and it’s always good to get away from my site and be around people (esp. those who speak English…mental note, i need to find myself a tutor soon). i got to teach one beginner and one intermediate class, as well as do an opening activity. i did charades one day and made one category about american celebrities. it was pretty funny. one kid thought “barack obama” was “break dancing” for some reason and started writhing all over the stage…i didn’t have the heart to correct him but other people weren’t as forgiving. haha…he did it over again and actually got his team to guess it right.

so now that my 10 days in fes is over, it’s time to pack up and go to my next destination, back to el jadida where i’ll be working at an sos village summer camp. hopefully the weather there is much more cooler than fes. it’s been SO hot here. farewell, fes!


One thought on “where there’s a will, there’s a way

  1. J. J. Nelson says:

    Oh Nat–I’m glad you could find sushi out there!  Sounds like you are doing well–I hope you find a tutor to enrich your experience even more!   


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