Regional Meeting in Al Hoceima

in june we had our regional meeting in al hoceima. regional meeting is a way for everybody in the region to meet and get acquainted with each other. our mudirs (supervisors) were also invited for a day. we basically talked about policy, project ideas, organizations within the peace corps, etc. etc. anyway, back to al hoceima…it’s this great little tourist town on the mediterranean coast. i’m not sure what my regional manager’s motivation for picking that particular part of our region but i’d like to think that she had our best interest in mind because it is a fun little touristy place but it was a MISH to get there. first of all we had to make sure we obeyed the “no traveling at night” rule that the peace corps has so for me, since i’m on the very tippy top of the country and there was really no one i could stay with that would be along the way to al hoceima, i had to first take a detour to taza where a super generous peace corps volunteer allowed me and a few of my other region mates spend the night. the plan was we were going to take a ctm bus very early in the morning all the way to al hoceima. and while we knew that there was only one bus that traveled there per day, we didn’t think that they would run out of tickets that early but of course with our luck, they did. so plan b was to take the bus to nador (the closest town to al hoceima the bus can get to) then take a grand taxi to our final destination. in nador we found ourselves the only german/darija speaking cab driver and with that, we were on our way!


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