I’m baaaaaaaack :)

back when i first started this blog i promised myself to keep it semi up-to-date because it’s just no bueno to leave off weeks, heck months from it. but alas, i too fell behind…hey, I’m only human. i must apologize to all two of my readers: mom, you know what’s been happening and the one other random, anonymous person, i promise to catch you up. with that said, unforeseen circumstances and unreliable internet connections aside, i am back! needless to say SOOOOO much has happened but instead of overwhelming you all with a long blog post, i will be posting a series of mini posts within the next few days complete with pictures for your pleasure 🙂

oh, i know that the next staj is about to find out soon that they’ll be headed to morocco in january so i added a “packing list” page to my blog. hopefully it’ll help you. goodness knows, people’s packing lists were a huge help for me when i was packing. also, please feel free to email me with any specific questions you may have about morocco, peace corps, etc. etc.


One thought on “I’m baaaaaaaack :)

  1. J.J. says:

    I’m glad you’re back in action…hope things are going well right now:) Miss you pal–keep up the good work!

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