yes, that’s right…i’ve finally moved in. most of you know how long i’ve been waiting for this moment and yesterday it finally happened. to say that the last two weeks have been stressful is a huge understatement. but i will spare you all the details and just say that it was not a happy time in my life and for those of you who were unfortunate enough to talk to me during that time, i’m so sorry. but i thank the Lord that i’ve been blessed with such awesome friends like you 🙂

the peace corps gave us a sum of money with a sheet of paper that serves as sort of a guideline for us to know how much everything is supposed to cost. so with those i went on a three-day long shopping spree. the first day consisted of buying the big ticket items with my host sister i.e. mattress, refrigerator, table, two chairs, a stove, and a butatank. that was fun, having to transport everything on a flat bed truck to my tiny little town……NOT! of course i had to sit in the back with all the stuff i bought because apparently the driver didn’t know where Hakamaa was and my host sister needed to give him directions and had the priveledge of sitting upfront like a normal person. i felt like i was on a ghetto parade float and on display, which was perfect because i was in no mood to smile and wave to the people; most of whom stared and pointed and laughed at me the whole way home. jerks. i would’ve taken pictures of that particular moment but i was really mad at life so i didn’t, but i probably looked pretty funny. in hindsight, i maybe would’ve pointed and laughed at me too…no wait nevermind…no, i wouldn’t.

the second day was all about the smaller, day-to-day items for the kitchen and stuff. a wonderful american woman i was introduced to by a previous volunteer in tangier went with me and tiffany (another volunteer). she took us to all the places she knew and showed us where to get everything. she even helped to haggle on a few items. anyway, here are a few highlights:

i didn’t have the energy nor the strength to buy and carry food all the way home (yes, i carried everything you see in these pictures with my own two hands, except of course for the laptop–i needed a disney movie to keep me off the ledge) so i went to the hanoot to see what i can find to eat for the rest of the day…i asked him if he had noods in a bag (aka ramen) and he suggested that i buy some rice instead. so i did. and that was that…


today was the third and last day of the shopping spree. this time it was a solo trip. i basically went to the souq and bought all the food i could carry home with me. ***side note: if anyone is reading this and lives in morocco, if you ever want to go shopping for anything when it’s not busy and you don’t want to be bothered by the crowd, go on fridays between 2-4 pm. everyone is either praying at the mosque or is at home enjoying their cous cous. anyway, i got 5-7 (i’m not really sure) different kinds of spices, though i don’t have anywhere to put them in right now, some veggies, strawberries, a whole chicken, oil, vinegar, dish and laundry soap, sponges, and chips. i’m thinking i should be set for the next week or so on food. i can sit at home and enjoy not having to be anywhere and at the same time, i can eat what i want!

i’ve always had a soft spot for donkeys in my heart but now i have a new found respect for them, seeing them carry huge, heavy things all the time when they all look so small and skinny. while walking home today with my heavy load i kinda felt like a donkey, i ran into the same one i see everyday and when our eyes met, there was a new understanding there between he and i. it was as if he was telling me “yeah i feel your pain, girl. you can do it! you’re almost home.” feels good to know that someone/something out there understands my plight.

anyhow, whoop there it is! i’ve got my very own apartment, i’ve got most of the things i need, my fridge is full, and everything is good again 🙂 i’ll make sure to take a video of my apartment and give you guys a virtual tour as soon as everything is all set up.


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