the price of beauty…or something

the other day, my host fam surprised me with a henna treatment. i’m not sure what you call the process of getting “henna-ed”. it’s kinda like getting a perm i guess. makes sense to add the word treatment to it. anyhow, it was indeed an effin process. so the henna lady was supposed to be at the house at 4 but since she was probably on Moroccan time AND on Old time, she didn’t arrive til 6, which turned out to be a blessing…after the henna was applied, they put a mixture of sugar and tea (of course) all over my hands and then covered them with cotton…i guess this is what being tarred and feathered would feel like:

after that, they rubbed oil all over my hands and covered them with scarves. like do for babies so they don’t scratched themselves.

i thought they were joking when they said that i had to keep my hands like this overnight but NOPE! i begged to take them off before dinner but my host sister said to me, and i quote “you crazy?” in english. so i left them on. both my host mom and sister helped me eat my dinner. my sister tore small pieces of bread for me and my mom poured my water for me.  after dinner my mom actually helped me brush my teeth. WHAT! but i didn’t want to seem like i didn’t appreciate it or anything so i went with it. however, at 3 in the morning, i couldn’t stand it anymore and ripped everything off. it was hot as balls and my hands were covered like a newborn baby. plus i was paranoid that the oil was gonna get all over my clothes and beddings, which by the way, oil stains are the worst! you can’t ever get them out and they make you look so sloppy, like you can’t even get the food to your mouth…ugh. so that was that. 9 hours later, here are the end results:


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