and awaaaay i go…

I think if there was one thing I hated the most in the world next to sitting in traffic and smelly feet in a cramped 7 hour flight, it is having to say good bye. But after a week-long (more like three month-long) farewell tour of the places I’ll miss with the people I love, it was finally time to go.

…this packing strategy soon proved to be one of my worst ideas ever. I had a day pack, a regular backpack, a rolling bag for carry-on, and  a giant rolling duffle= 100 lbs.

 …farewell, los angeles!

…after a 5 hr flight, hello philly.

We had the night to do what we wanted so I was able to grab dinner and hang out with one of my fellow trainees. The next day was a looooooooooooooong day of paperwork, ice breakers, orientations, etc. we checked out of our hotel the on the 20th to begin our journey to MOROCCO! Oh but before that we were rudely awakened by a fire alarm very early in the morning so that’s one hour of sleep we lost and we had to stand outside the building in our jammies looking very confused…and by we, I mean me.

…oh we fancy, huh? See ya later, holiday inn!


…me and Israel on our 2-hr bus ride to JFK

 …oh look! It’s my roommie


 ….the plane is heeeeaaaa!!!

…so remember all my bags that collectively weighed well over 100 lbs?? (ssshhh don’t tell anybody that. Somehow I got away with not having to pay for any over weight limit fees in both airports!) Well the Peace Corps wasn’t kidding about not having any help with them so of course I almost died lugging them around the airport until thankfully, I spotted a cart from far away so I immediately made run for it. For the last 15 mins or so of check-in, I conveniently had a cart to push my stuff around on while everybody else struggled with their bags on their backs, around their necks, etc…yes, I was that kid. Some people call it unPeace Corpslike conduct (coz you know, we’re supposed to be “roughing it”), I call it survival skills. Also, honey badger don’t care.


…7-hr flight to Casablanca = no sleep


…dirty plane window but beautiful sunrise- we arrived at 6:30 am. Welcome to the Kingdom of Morocco!


…everybody waiting to board yet another bus from Casablanca to Rabat (about 1.5 hr drive)

 …snacks on the bus. That mixy drink curdled like a Guinness but it tasted quite good until towards the end where it got a little weird because I forgot to shake it.

 …MOROCAN flags appeared every few hundred feet or so it felt. And somehow they always showed up in groups…

…we iz here, ted! This is where we’ll be staying for the next 9 days. What lies ahead? We’re not really quite sure but I hear rumors of more paperwork, shots, introductions, etc.

  …our hotel room! It is a lot better than what I expected. No Turkish toilets, yet! And I will continue to be scared of it until I see it in person. I don’t care what anyone says.

 …lastly, I will leave you with a view from our room. Not the greatest, but I really can’t complain.


4 thoughts on “and awaaaay i go…

  1. J.J. says:

    Yeah, Honey Badger don’t care…LOL!

  2. Carol mcneill says:

    Amazing!!!! Miss you!!!

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