okay, let’s talk about it.

as my departure date is fast approaching, talking about the peace corps is getting harder and harder to avoid. i think i’ve said “march 19th” (i actually leave the 18th)everyday this past month and that’s pretty much all i’ve been willing to say about that. if you’re reading this and you’ve been one of the many who’s asked me about the peace corps lately, please don’t feel bad. it’s not you, it’s me.

it’s really not a big deal it’s just that i don’t want to be all about it. many of you don’t know this but the application process took nearly 2 years and it was a lot of work and now that i’m going, obviously the next 27 mos i’ll actually be living and breathing peace corps. we’ll have plenty of time to discuss what i’m doing while i’m doing it via this blog and i promise i will keep in touch; so much so that you’ll probably get sick of me. coz i’ll be aaall up in yo’ grill like whoah…and of course i will welcome you to be all up in mine as well.

anyhow, right now there are basically 2 common responses from people when they find out about what i’m doing:

1. there is the wow-i-can’t-believe-you’re-going-into-the-peace-corps!-what-a noble-selfless-charitable-person-you-are response. frankly, that just makes me feel a little uncomfortable because while yes, my intentions are good, i do want to make an impact, i want to contribute to the improvement of humanity in general however i can by sharing my knowledge and experience with the youth of morocco, yaddi, yaddi, yadda…let’s be honest here there is no such thing as an absolute, pure selfless good deed. i stand to gain a lot from this experience albeit it’s not anything you can quantify with a dollar amount, but still. also, i haven’t done anything YET. you’re making me ‘blush’ (and by blush i mean make my eyes water because that’s how i blush then it just looks like i’m getting all emotional and mushy, which i’m not!) by all the nice things you’re saying. let’s save the congratulatory hugs and thangs unitl after i’m done with this thing, shall we?

2. next there’s the ooof-really?-the-peace-corps?-you-know-you’ll-be-living-under-really-sucky-conditions-right?-oh-also-hope-you-are-aware-that-A-LOT-of-people-fail-and-end-up-on-going-home-early response. like, really? what did you think i just wake up one day and decide i was gonna do this? it’s true, i don’t know what it’s really going to be like until i go there and start living it but i did my fair share of research and soul searching. i got dis! and no i don’t think i’m going to swoop in with my cape and single-handedly change the whole wide world but if i didn’t think i can be of use then i wouldn’t waste america’s money by going there in the first place. if i teach one child how to dougie then i would have accomplised 1/3 of peace corps core values. boo ya.

so, to those of you who are curious about how i’m doing right now knowing that my whole entire life is about to be flipped turned upside down, i’d like to take a minute and sit right there i’ll tell you all about how i’m about to pull out my hair. see how i did that?image

i’m feeling like this little guy. his face shows a mixture of uncertainty or something like “ooooh crap, what is this i’m doing?!” and “efff it man, this feels good. i do what i want!”. his arms show the excitement that is radiating throughout my body because heck, in less than one month i will be living in africa!

so with that said, I’ve got my plane ticket! i leave sunday, march 18th @ 11:20 am (couldn’t get a flight on the 19th that would allow me to still be on time for the orientation), arrive in Philly @ 7:25 pm, attend orientation at noon on the 19th, spend he next day breaking ice, getting oriented, turn in paperwork, etc and then i take a bus to jfk and peace out to casablanca, morocco on the 20th.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whoooomp there it is!


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