I’m focused, man!

…actually no, that’s kind of a lie. these days my mind is wandering to a million different places, keeping me up at night. i haven’t posted on this blog for months but here we are, 70 days until departure and i’m a little bit excited and a lot anxious. in some ways i feel like i’m walking the plank at this point about to fall into an abyss. what lies beneath? i don’t know. it could be like  an amazing underwater world with a talking/singing lobster; where fish and crustaceans alike do nothing but sing and perform dance numbers all day; and i’m the silly little red-headed mermaid who collects forks and thangs or it could be something else completely. who frickin knows? but if nothing else, it’s exhilirating to think about the fact that i finally did it! i mean there is no guarantee in the Peace Corps until you’re on the plane en route to wherever you’re going but this is good where i’m at with my invitation in tow. there is still SO much to do but my one and only real priority right now is to spend time with people as much as i possibly can. i can shop for things later and i can pack the night before. let’s do something!


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