Fresh Off the Final Interview

I’m a little woozy but I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m excited. I think being in the process for this long, I’ve just completely blocked off that feeling when it comes to the Peace Corps so as to prevent from feeling disappointed too much.

Anyhow, here’s how it all went down:

  • He opened with an overview of how the budget cuts are affecting the Peace Corps directly. How everybody is uncertain about what the future holds for current and prospective applicants. He said something about the host countries being weary of taking on volunteers for two year commitments (not really sure what he meant by that but I didn’t bother to ask him to clarify…all I was thinking the entire time he was talking was “Yes, I get it, I won’t be leaving until January-March 2012”)
  • He explained how I’m in the last stage of the process, that this was the last “hoop” I had to jump through. There may be some restrictions on my medical but he said that it shouldn’t be something I should be too worried about.
  • He asked me how flexible I was. He said that on my application it says I’m Filipino-American and he said that usually people request to be put in Asia or somewhere in the Pacific Islands and so he was kind of surprised that I didn’t care where I go either way…I really don’t.
  • He told me that they will place me mostly according to my skill set and what that particular host country is looking for. And according to what is in my file I would qualify for either Community Youth Development (the original sector I was nominated for), Health Extension, or Formal Education. He also went into some detail about what types of jobs are under each of these sectors, etc. I am up for any of these!
  • I asked him if there was any sort of restrictions as far as traveling abroad is concerned. I told him that I wanted to take 2-3 weeks and visit my parents before I go to the Peace Corps. And he said there were no restrictions but he’d advice me to wait until I hear from him as far as a specific country and when I’ll be going before I book the ticket. He also said that he understands how expensive it can get if I wait to book it too long so he’ll make sure to tell me ASAP.

SOOOOOOO…I wait again. He was sort of apologetic that he couldn’t give me a definite answer right then and there considering I’ve been at this for a year and a half now but I told him I understood…I’ve waited this long, what’s another 3 weeks?! I’ll live…at least now I have SOME answers and I’m not completely in the dark. He reassured me that even though there are tons of applicants waiting to be placed, they don’t stop and wait until all the other applicants are placed before they move forward with other people’s applications. In other words, they place as soon as they find placement. He asked me to contact him if I don’t hear from him by the 19th of this month. WHEW!

Oh, and the whole thing took about 40 mins. He called like 2 mins after our set appointment.


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